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susie rekechensky
president & creator
p h a i r y t a l e


one of my earliest fashion memories
stemmed from my mother's best friend.
she managed estate sales for these
grand eclectic homes in coral gables, fl.
she would let me run free in these
homes and have my pick at a wealth
of unusual things. i was instantly hooked
and i knew that i would be completely
and utterly intertwined with
vintage treasures, especially
vintage jewelry forever.

i went to school for
fashion merchandising, then dabbled
in art education and finally settled
into my profession as a graphic designer,
but my
love affair with jewelry
held a constant spot in my heart

i had a successful career as an
art director, but my red-headed, freckled
and bright eyed inner child started tugging
at my heart strings a few years ago.
a trip to new orleans with my husband awoke
something inside me. i decided as soon as
i got home, i would start jewelry classes.

i fell head over heals instantaneously,
working with my hands was so completely
right... i felt home. i found a metal
bench in the warehouse where i work,
took it home, ordered my tools
phairytale was born.

phairytale jewelry is my true passion...
my heart and soul is in every piece of jewelry.
it is a road map of my life's journey and
everything i have learned along the way.

may your love affair with jewelry
grow and may phairytale
be the catalyst.



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